Dumb Systems vs Smart Systems

Dumb Systems vs Smart Systems

The other day, I was driving to Washington DC from the greater NY area. I have a terrible sense of direction. So, I depend a lot on the navigation (GPS) system. In spite of that, I did miss an exit.

So, what happened after that? Even a first grader knows that. The navigation system, re-routed me. I did eventually reach Washington D.C.

This commonplace, ‘no drama’ scenario made me think of Smart systems. The navigation system is smart enough to know that an error has occurred. It checks the co-ordinates on a real time basis, compares it to the destination, re-calculates the route and guides the driver.

Let us now compare that to many of our enterprise class IT systems! In most cases, these systems have very low tolerance for error. In case of an error, it gives an error message and stops. The IT folks will have to intervene to fix it.

Would it not be great to have enterprise systems that can handle errors much better and still function? It needs to be smart enough to understand the context and do what needs to be done?

My team and I are excited!! We have embarked on developing a Smart System. We shall have something exciting to share in a few months.