• NextAngles Overview

    As the regulatory landscape expands and becomes more complex, competitive pressures and demands from regulators are intensifying. To meet these challenges, NextAngles is developing smart compliance, a new breed of disruptive solutions for compliance risk management that scale to meet the most demanding enterprise-class financial regulatory requirements.

  • Nextangles Trade-Based Anti-Money Laundering solution brochure

    Trade-Based Anti-Money Laundering Solution

    Many analysts still use complicated and time-consuming methods to comb through the various documents and information required to spot red flags in trade finance. To spot these TBML activities effectively requires a disruptive approach. Learn how the NextAngles™ Trade-Based Anti-Money Laundering (TBAML) solution can reduce costs by at least 30% by automating transaction monitoring and the investigation of trade finance alerts

  • AML Alert Investigation Solution

    AML analyst investigations are often a mostly manual process with significant time invested into gathering data. Existing AML tools only focus on identifying potential incidents. The output is a large set of cases needing manual case-by-case investigation, which has led to overburdened AML teams and increased risk of mis-handling a case.Learn how NextAngles works by complementing and empowering the existing compliance technologies in AML rather than replacing them.

  • Nextangles Know Your Customer Solution brochure

    Know Your Customer Solution

    Regulators worldwide are setting new benchmarks for financial institutions in Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. With NextAngles™, identifying the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) for a corporate client is accomplished with unimaginable ease. Find out how to replace tedious, human-mediated methods with a technology-enhanced platform that frees up your analysts and investigators to attend to higher level tasks


  • Artificial Intelligence in KYC-AML

    Regulatory scrutiny and growing cost pressures are severely impacting the KYC-AML operations of financial institutions. NextAngles commissioned primary research from Celent to dig deep into the current KYC-AML landscape and find out how artificial intelligence-enabled solutions could mitigate current challenges, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

  • NextAngles Anti-Money Laundering Survey

    To better understand the regulatory compliance concerns facing banks today, NextAngles™ partnered with Source Media to survey 280 senior compliance professionals from firms holding $3 billion or more in assets. Access our findings on regulatory complexity, staffing, technology implementation and awareness of vulnerabilities.


  • Reimagining compliance with NextAngles™

    With the rising cost and burden of regulatory compliance, the traditional tools and approaches of compliance management are no longer sufficient. Introducing NextAngles™ - an AI enabled compliance solution that is leading the way to Smart Compliance by offering a new breed of disruptive solutions for regulatory risk and compliance.

  • Video still frame illustrating credit card, personal and mortgage silos

    How NextAngles™ Works

    We live in a world of imprecise information. One of the basic issues that plagues most banks is the way data is handled. As of today, data in most banks is geographically scattered, maintained in different formats as well as kept in silos that don't interact.

    Escalating costs of staying compliant, ever-changing regulations and an overburdened workforce don't help matters either.

    NextAngles' cognitive approach to regulatory compliance can be a sustainable answer to this every increasing problem. Watch this video to find out how.


  • The AML Compliance Landscape

    To better understand the regulatory compliance concerns facing banks today, NextAngles partnered with SourceMedia to survey 280 senior compliance professionals from banking institutions holding $3 billion or more in assets. The survey revealed Anti-Money Laundering (AML) as one of the topmost concerns. To access our white paper analysis on current AML challenges and the role of technology in AML solutions, please download our whitepaper.

  • Is Your KYC Program Future Proof?

    KYC (Know Your Customer) forms the backbone of an effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) program. Knowing Your Customer (KYC) is not only essential for the financial industry but also for other industries that may be manipulated to facilitate financial crimes, such as casinos and money services. However, complex customer types, a lack of specialized resources, and increased costs in regulatory risk management present many challenges in developing an effective and efficient KYC Program. Read this whitepaper by Mphasis' GRC & AML expert Nicholas Corsi, to understand what should be the objectives of an effective KYC program and the reasons for for AML program failures.

  • Seven Ways To Reduce the Burden, Cost, and Stress of Financial Regulatory Compliance

    Stop the paper chase and take control of compliance risks. This article explains seven ways that a smart compliance approach reduces the burden, cost and stress of compliance risk management for routine, complex and extraordinary compliance activities.

  • Artificial Intelligence – New weapon in the fight against TBML

    Artificial Intelligence – New weapon in the fight against TBML

    Trade-based money laundering (TBML) is a growing risk for many companies. Criminals are using TBML in ways that are more difficult to detect. Fortunately, new processes based on artificial intelligence (AI) offer more effective and cost-efficient solutions.