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All tasks performed in an investigation are recorded and can be audited

  • Much of the contextual knowledge that you need to apply during an investigation is built into the NextAngles platform; allowing a much larger percentage of investigation tasks to be automated easily
  • The repetitive tasks required to integrate data from disparate systems are eliminated, since the system “understands” the data, and can use this knowledge to draw inferences, unaided by humans, thus increasing efficiency and reducing the turnaround time
  • Every activity performed by either humans or by the system is tracked at the lowest level of granularity, creating unmatched precision
  • Auditors can analyze investigations using queries, just like how investigators are able to analyze all relevant data, in NextAngles
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Analytical insights become more actionable due to the exhaustive knowledge base, leading to meaningful reports generation
  • The NextAngles platform aims at providing “descriptive analytics” capabilities to your compliance analysts, wherein they can use the historical data to derive more insights
  • The platform can also be extended to perform “sentiment analysis” on a financial institution’s client (external news events, e.g., negative news) and highlight its impact
  • One–click generation of analytics saves time in building meaningful reports
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Automated rule updates, predefined in the system, aiding in easy rule governance, policy creation, implementation and reporting
  • In contrast to the available traditional offerings, NextAngles provides automated rules updating and management
  • When rules are executed, records are kept tracing each inference back to the rule, and then back to the policies and regulations they came from
  • Available tools enable the business to analyze:
    • Differences between different versions of a regulation or policy
    • Coverage or the impact of new rules, or changes to rules
    • Gaps between the proposed rules and what is currently enforced
    • Metrics from the actual execution of rules, helping analyze incidents of events that fall under specific controls
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User behaviour is recorded to help pre-populate relevant data that is needed at the time of analysis
  • Ensures a consistent approach to identical or substantially similar problems
  • NextAngles provides a set of tools that allows for the conversion of structured English documents to knowledge and executable rules. Using this, the evolution of software can be transformed, from a software development exercise to a knowledge capture and implementation lifecycle, reducing the cost of change by an order of magnitude
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User Interface which compliments the interactivity of the platform
  • The screens are optimized to work with very complex, highly interlinked data. The system allows you to interactively create your personal analytical ecosystems, where you can apply your own rules and definitions over enterprise data
  • Users are not locked into fixed workflows. Instead, you can initiate or complete tasks anywhere in the system as you navigate the data. The system keeps track of everything that needs to get done, and advances workflows as tasks are completed
  • All investigation tasks can be performed in a single interface, giving you the flexibility and freedom of spreadsheets in an enterprise class application